Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Downton Abbey lines from S4, E6

Top lines that the writers should have used on last night’s Downton Abbey...

Mary to Cora: Where is Papa going?
Cora: To America, dear. To make “The Monuments Men”.
Mary: What’s that?
Cora: A talkie, dear.
Mary: Oh.

Edith to Cora: Oh, mama, I’m bad...
Cora: No, dear, you’re not bad.
Edith: You didn't let me finish. I mean my acting.
Cora: Yes, dear.

The Dowager Countess to Isobel: I've forgotten how much fun it is to play cards.
Isobel: Quite.
The Dowager Countess: More fun if we down a shot of sherry every time Dr. Clarkson rolled his eyes.

Mary: Here piggy, piggy. Soowee! Pig pig pig.

The Dowager Countess: What is this shark thing and why are attempting to jump it?

Saturday, November 09, 2013

My Old Flame

Several years back I wrote a post about the Champlain School being burned.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but sometimes the words themselves are worth something as well.  I used the resources of the Northern New York Library Network and found these articles.  The Plattsburgh Daily Republican article is longer, but illegible.  I only showed what could be easily be deciphered.

The North Countryman - December 19, 1940

Plattsburgh Daily Press - December 16, 1940

Plattsburgh Daily Republican - December 17, 1940

Genealogy Bank provided this story.

Springfield Republican (Massachusetts) - December 17, 1940

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dentistry Puppet Show

Hyde Park Herald - January 31, 1973
Gary Ashwill, of the fantastic agate type blog, just did a story on Isamu Tashiro, a baseball player of Japanese descent, who later in life became a dentist, among other things.  I sought out some other info on Mr. Tashiro and found the above photo of his wife.

Sweet dreams, if you can.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Clell Huskey

Who was Clell Huskey and why does it matter?

Clell Huskey was the second son of Eldridge and Louise Huskey of Sevier County, Tennessee.  Clell was born in about 1922.  His father owned his own farm.

Clell graduated as part of the class of 1941 with 29 other students from Harrison Chilhowee Baptist Academy.

On August 8, 1942 he enlisted as a private in the U.S. Army at Fort Oglethorpe, George.  According to his enlistment record he was 5' 11" and 170 pounds.  He was a semi-skilled mechanic.  He was married.

In early May of 1944, as part of the 18th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, he died in North Africa.  He is officially listed as missing in action.  He is remembered on the Walls of the Missing at the North Africa American Cemetery in Carthage, Tunisia.  He received the Purple Heart Medal and the Bronze Star Medal.

He's also remembered at The King's Academy, in Seymour, Tennessee.

From William F. Hall, Sr.'s book A Venture of Faith - History of Harrison Chilhowee Baptist Academy:
Football was played in various places until 1947; when Huskey Memorial Field was made for a football gridiron in memory of Clell Huskey, former student and athlete who was killed in action in North Africa, May 6, 1943*.  The field was made possible by his family giving his government insurance money toward its construction.

Many young men pass through this gate on Friday nights, ready to take battle on the football field.

I wonder how many of them look up and know who Clell Huskey was, and what his sacrifice means to them and to all of us.

* - Mr. Hall was mistaken on the date of Clell's death.