Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm Scraping

I'm scraping the frost off of my car windows the last two mornings. The crispness in the air is wonderful. The trees are probably at their height of color.

I'm also scraping the bottom of the barrel in my Fantasy Football Leagues. I've been playing Fantasy sports for about 20 years, off and on. It started with Roto Baseball. Then my good friend, Steve S. asked me to be part of his Fantasy Football League. Every Monday and Tuesday, we would get the newspapers and do the old fashioned method of figuring out scores with a pencil and a calculator. Now days, I just get on the web and click a few times and I'm still in last place. It is now much easier to lose. I'm 3-6 in my 8 team Yahoo! league. I'm also 3-6 in the ESPN league that my friend Paul B. hosts. I'm twice as bad as I am good. My brother is also at 3-6, but I have about 100 points ahead of him.

Okay. He's really scraping.


Steve said...

Yeah - but I'm still not in last place. There's a poor guy who has over 130 more points than I have - but he's lost one more game than me. So I'm scraping, but I'm not scum.

(Apologies to the OK Outlaws - that was a reference to a card game in which scraper is officially second-to-last, but scum is the last place.)

Steve said...

And the scraper pulled it together enough to beat the only undefeated team in the league. Go, Scrapers!