Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quirks and Catchup

A while ago, my brother tagged me to present 5 quirks about myself. I'm also supposed to tag some others. But, I was tagged late in the game and so the people that I would have tagged have already been tagged. So, I'm breaking this chain letter of a fun idea. Yes, I won't win the lottery, I won't win the world cruise, famine and pestilence shall fall on me from the sky. I can live with that.
  1. When reading a book, I will see how many pages there are, how many I have left to read and how many I read at that sitting and then figure out (rough) percentages. Ex. In 200 page book, if I read 20 pages, then I've read 10 %. Then, the next time I read it, if I get through 60 pages, I've read 33 % of what's left and 40 % of the total.
  2. In my mind, I'm a completest. I collect sports cards of Orel Hershiser. I'd like to have every card that was created for him, but the practical side of me says, "No. It costs too much money for a special autograph/relic card that they made only 10 of."
  3. I like to put disordered magazines into place at the grocery store. House Beautiful should not be on top of the Sports Illustrated. Muscle Cars should not be behind Soldier of Fortune.
  4. I prefer Coke products instead of Pepsi products.
  5. I like lists to be of an even number and this is just killing me. (Not really, I just couldn't think of another quirk right now. I'm sure that my readers can come up with one.)
And now for some catch up. I'm recovering rather well from the hernia surgery. I need to say thanks to Mom and Dad for sending me the Murdick's fudge. Very tasty. Thanks.

I've read a few more books and started a few more.

I'm currently in second place in the Fantasy Baseball league I play in, with the playoffs starting next week. Fantasy Football will be drafting this coming weekend.

I was able to finish up the Buffalo Bill TV series on DVD before turning it into McKay's books for credit. Here's some dialog from one of the later episodes. Max Wright plays station manager Karl Shub. His rebellious teen aged son returns home and is living in the back yard.

If that dog barks in the middle of the night and wakes me up, I'm going to kill it.

After the son walks off, Karl turns to one of his co-workers.

Karl: The joke's on him. The dog died two weeks ago.

It works better on DVD.

Bristol was good. Angie posted the best photos. And the best text. I've got nothing.

So, I should post entries more frequently. Just to scoop her.

For now, you can call me Mr. Liq. Or Mr. Lick. Your choice.


Mom said...

You are welcome, Mom

Angie said...

okay. . but if you do that, do I have to call you "scoop daddy" too?

i cannot keep up with all your "pet" names.

Steve said...

So are you a Pet Shop Boy?

Didn't think so.

Re: your quirks - I can identify with most of them. And for the pages read, at least you don't do a moving average (60 pages is 200% more than I read last time). There are limits (or should be).

Angie said...

I knew I loved being in your family for a reason. It's the puns.