Sunday, October 26, 2008

Living in the Past

Yesterday I had the tires replaced on the Honda. I had some time at the mall. I picked up some items for Angie. I visited the game stores, had some Chik-Fil-A's chicken strips while I read some more of my Brother Cadfael book, looked through the CD/DVD store. Many things caught my eye, but I passed. Having a bit more time, I remembered that there is a sports memorabilia store. They had many nice (but overpriced) items. I looked through their open cards. I found two that I liked. Fifty cents each. I liked the price. So, now I have a pair of 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter cards. Even though they are last year's cards, I selected them because these players are in the 2008 World Series. And the cards just look good.

Allen & Ginter printed their original cards in 1887. I think that Topps has done a good job with recreating the feel. I especially like the text on the back of the cards. Numbers are spelled out.

For much more on the 2007 Topps A&G, please see the entry.

Will I get more? No, probably not. These are pretty to look at, and I don't just have that much time or money to get the complete set.

Credit where credit is due: The baseball card images in this post are copyright the Topps Company, Inc. and are displayed with the intent of fair use and because I really like them.

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