Tuesday, December 09, 2008

On pins and needles

Or not.

Last week I got inoculated for the flu season. First time in many, many years. I had the nasal variety. I don't like injections / shots / vaccinations. I really don't. Ask just about anyone I know. They'll tell you the same.

The local Walgreens was providing the service, for a fee. I went in the afternoon, but there were too many cars in the parking lot for my comfort level, so I blew them off.

Angie suggested that she go with me and that she'd run interference. She did a good job and I'm better off. I guess.

On another note, I took Caroline to the doctor's office yesterday. Angie was tied up in meetings and didn't get there until before the doctor arrived. Which means that I got to check Caroline in, talk with the nurse and wait in an exam room for many, many minutes.

I'm getting better about my phobia of doctors / hosptials / shots / blood. I know that there are still those who protect me by not introducing the topics, by asking the medical professional to clear the table of syringes, by suggesting that we watch "Dancing With the Stars" instead of "E.R." I thank each and every one of them.