Friday, October 30, 2009

TriJangle Interview, part 3 - Pierce Pettis

This is the third and last of the three drive-by interviews with the main participants of the upcoming "Songwriters in the Round" show that will be held on Saturday, November 14. Three outstanding musicians and songsmiths will come together for an evening of good music at the Westridge Auditorium Theater in Elgin, Illinois.

Pierce Pettis, Pat Terry and John Austin are the featured artists. In case you missed it, the interview with Pat Terry can be found here. The interview with John Austin can be found here.

Pierce Pettis was the last to respond to the questions, so I'll finish up with him.

Q: What guitar are you playing the most these days?
Lowden J25, Avalon "Legacy"

Q: What are you actively listening to?
My daughter, Grace's CD

Q: What music is inspiring you?
My daughter, Grace's CD

Q: Yes, this is your typical, what's in the CD player, ipod, etc...
wires and stuff

Q: In a sentence or two, what did you take away from working with Mark Heard?
Some of his silverware . . . but seriously, folks. Mark was the funniest and most honest person I've even known. He was serious about his work, rather than himself --reversing the usual trend.

For more info about Pierce, please visit his website,

My connection to Pierce Pettis...

Hmmm... I really don't have one. Sort of, but with his music. It was probably the late fall or early winter of 1990. Angie and I were in a Chicago area mall, walking through a store. The CD player was playing Pierce's version of 'In The Bleak Midwinter.' I think we stopped all shopping and stood and just listened to it. After the song finished, we found out which CD it was on (Windham Hill's, "A Winter's Solstice, Vol. III"). We immediately bought it. Today, when I told Angie that Pierce had responded to the interview questions she said, "Oh, I can't wait until we start playing Christmas music. 'In The Bleak Midwinter' is the first song I want to play." I agreed. I think I'll be pulling the Christmas music out this weekend.

Ticket information can be found at

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Angie said...

It is very true. . . .it's my absolute, hands-down, favorite song for a cold, wintry afternoon. Or, if I'm honest -- I'll listen to it in the summertime, too -- longing for cold weather! :)

I *so* wish we could go to this concert. I'd probably sit there and cry -- you know me. . . .