Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving TV shows

I've been waiting years for this episode of Cheers to show up.

Thanksgiving Orphans

This is the one where the cast all get together at Carla's place and a food fight breaks out. I saw part of it in 1986, but not all of it. WGN is showing it.

Other favorite Thanksgiving themed TV episodes are the ones from Everybody Loves Raymond. The tofurkey and the fish episodes. The Bob Newhart Show where Emily goes off and leaves Bob and the boys with some liquor and football.

On Thanksgiving day, I enjoy a smattering of parades and football.

Keep the turkey moist and the remote close by.

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Angie said...

Just remembered the Frasier episode where Frasier & Lilith try to get Frederick into that good school -- all the while Martin & Niles are doing everything they can to "kill" Frederick. Not as funny as this one -- but pretty funny nonetheless!

Oh, and I love you. . . .