Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Misc. Thurs. Ramb.

Yes, it is time for another edition of Miscellaneous Thursday Ramblings.

Windows 7 has been good and stable. We've had it for about two months now. I did see one BSOD, but I'm not worried. Our trial version of Norton Security MumboJumbo expired, so I installed Microsoft Security Essentials. It seems to be working out well.

In other computer news, my in-laws' laptop got hosed up last week. The hard drive was filling up very quickly. Out of about 60GB, they had 16MB free. You read that correctly. Culprit was the AVG Free software. Something was triggering a gotcha and it would create a dump file. That was about 100MB in size. Every four or five minutes. You do the math. They are now running Microsoft Security Essentials.

A co-worker's home desktop also got hosed this week. Windows XP Pro Antivirus 2010 rogue program. Basically it hijacks your computer and makes it unusable until you buy their software to tame it. Or, you can use the instructions here.

It made the user look like this.

On the reading front, I've been working on Donald Honig's A Donald Honig Reader, Neil Lanctot's Negro League Baseball, and Sue Macy's A Whole New Ball Game.

On the TV front, Angie and I have been enjoying Big Bang Theory and Castle.

Just because I like his humor.

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