Sunday, April 25, 2010

God is Good

Caroline has a new pacemaker. She gave us quite a ride this weekend. It started Thursday evening. She wasn't feeling well and was very lethargic. A trip to ETCH's ER showed us why. A lead on her pacemaker had fractured and the firing signal wasn't getting to her heart. The pacemaker tech confirmed the diagnosis. Both of her cardiologists showed up. Quick, but thorough consultations resulted in a decision to move her to another hospital in town.

She was transported to the UT Medical Center where a new lead was inserted. Heart Cath type stuff. The surgeon was able to juggle his schedule and Friday afternoon her old pacemaker was removed and a new one was inserted. 5-1/2 years of newer technology. Better battery life. Slimmer design.

The surgeon was able to perform the procedure without having to crack any bones. I saw her in recovery an hour or two after surgery. She recognized me, gave me a kiss and said, "I love you, fish head." We try to discourage her from that, but I told her it was okay.

On Saturday she was released, right after lunch. She's on simple, over the counter pain meds and a prescription antibiotic. She's still tender, but spent a day playing, watching videos, enjoying family.

I'd like to thank the surgery team, her cardiologists, the pacemaker tech, the nurses and hospital team, the transport team. I'm sure that I forgot somebody on the professional end.

I'd like to thank my family. Angie spent two nights, with her mom, at the hospital. Edison was a trooper. Jeff and Mary were a blessing to have as stabilizing force, as well as having good sense. Barb and Caitlin brought food. Many friends sent their well wishes and prayers. A few special friends visited Caroline at UT. Jim, my father-in-law, was there throughout, shuttling cars and people. He did more than that. He's seen a lot in his life and knows the power of God.

Even though I'm clueless as to the procedures that Caroline went through and exactly how the stuff works, I'm grateful for God's power and grace.

God is Good.


Anonymous said...


And God shows His goodness all the time, overflowing into situations in ways we can't imagine (and sometimes can't see).

Glad my favorite niece is doing well, and that she's surrounded by God's people.

Core Contrarian said...

Hooray for Caroline!

The Wolff's are glad she is feeling better.