Monday, July 05, 2010


Today was a day filled with Cars.

Caroline and I started watching the Pixar flick, Cars. I've never seen the whole thing from start to finish. We got through about 30 minutes. But she liked it.

Then, on my way to run an errand for Angie, I came across this accident in South Knoxvegas. Apparently the driver didn't know there was a ditch there. It must have happened right before I arrived. There were no emergency vehicles. Her daughter was near and helped her mom out of the Jeep. The driver, an older lady, must have hung around sailors when she was younger. She was okay, just frustrated. It was pulled from the ditch by the guy with the blurry face.

Then, on BBC America was a show called James May's Toy Stories. This evening's episode dealt with the world's longest slot car track and race. Interesting.

Addendum: My friend, Lance Krueger, posted this video on facebook. Reminds me of the Jack Kochman Hell Drivers...

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Anonymous said...

Cool stunts. Would have liked to see longer shots, to get an understanding of how they were doing it.

But "Vanquishment"? My Engrish is not so good as that.