Wednesday, May 30, 2012

More Hatfields & McCoys

I'm a bit taken with the History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys.  I know that the film makers are taking a bit of artistic liberty with the events.  That's okay.  I thought I'd see what the newspapers of the day were saying, so I visited Chronicling America.  I did a search for Hatfield McCoy and came up with 290 hits.  The paragraph from 1882 is the first mention that I could find.  There are articles about the feud at that site until 1921.

Lancaster Daily Intelligencer - August 14, 1882

Alexandria Gazette and Virginia Advertiser - January 14, 1888
The Big Stone Post - March 27, 1891
There are too many good articles to share, but here's a link to an interesting interview with "Cap" Hatfield with photos of some of the participants. 

The Evening Standard - December 31, 1910

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Dude, your research is amazing! Excellent work!