Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pro Sporting Events that I've attended

I've often wondered which sporting events I've attended and why. I guess the why is easier to answer than the which and when. Family or friends say, "Hey, let's go watch the (insert team nickname here) play." "Okay, I'm up for that." That's the why.

The which and when, hmm. I'll try to focus on pro or semi-pro events. I remember going to Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox play in the late 1960's or early 1970's. My dad took my brother and I. Who they played and who won is lost to the record books. I do remember sitting in the outfield seats and witnessing a fight or two break out around us. And the restrooms at Fenway. I won't describe them here, but I do remember them.

Then, in the mid-1970's I went to Parc Jarry in Montreal to see a double header with the Pirates. Again, don't know who won, but I do remember that my brother ordered a pizza to be delivered to the ball park. Yes, they did actually deliver. I don't think that he shared any with me.

Again, in the late 1970's I remember going to the Field House at SUNY Plattsburgh to see the Cardinals play a hockey game against the USSR team.

In 1978 my family moved from Clinton Co., NY to Cochise Co., AZ. Goodbye hockey, hello sun. I attended some Tucson Toros (minor league baseball) in the early 1980's.

Then in the mid 1980's I moved to the greater Chicago area. What a sports town. Do you think that I took advantage of it? No. Here's where I get in trouble. I did not:
  • attend a game at Wrigley Field
  • attend a game at the old Comiskey Park
  • attend a Bears' game
  • attend a Bulls' game
  • attend a Blackhawks' game
I did attend a few Kane County Cougar (minor league baseball) games. Much fun.

I got to go to a White Sox game at U.S. Cellular Field in the early 1990's. They played the Seattle Mariners. Saw Ken Griffey, Jr. play.

Then I moved my family to Sevier Co., TN. Not many professional sports teams in the Land of Orange. I have been to a few games of the Tennessee Smokies, both in the old Bill Myer Stadium and the much newer Smokies Park. Saw the Toronto BlueJays play the Smokies in an exhibition game. Got to see Dan Uggla play a few games. The Smokies are now a farm team of the Chicago Cubs, so there is a chance to see Jeff Samardzija get some playing time as he comes up through the ranks.

While visiting my brother in Cincinnati, we were able to see a Reds / Cubs game at Riverfront Stadium. This was just before the Great American Ball Park opened. Saw Sammy Sosa play. My son was quite enamored of him, then. I don't think so much enamoration is going on right now.

While in Las Vegas for a trade show, went with John and Mike (two friends / co-workers) to see the 51's play the Sidewinders (the Diamondback's AAA team) at Cashman Field. Saw Adrian Beltre pop a homer while he was recovering from injury.

So that's about it for pro sports. Another day, I'll list the motor racetracks that I've been to, both small and Bristol.


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