Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007 awakens

Well, it seems that I've cut my time to post a blog in half. I've looked around at many blogs and then try to figure out where I fit in in the world of blogs. I've seen good blogs that cover a variety of topics. I've seen good blogs that are published (seemingly) hourly. I've seen very good, very specialized blogs that I return to. And then I've seen a lot of blogs that are like the above, but just horrid. I figure that I'd try to fit somewhere in the middle. A bit of musing on music, TV and DVDs, books, genealogy and life in general. Okay, how pathetic does that sound? "I guess I'll just do whatever I want to and hope against all hope that it will come off as not being egotistical and perhaps somewhat decent."

This year, Angie decided that it would be good to simplify life. So, we turned off the TV most nights. Sure, we still watch the Wiggles and Praise Baby DVDs, but as far as having the TV on all the time, not so much.

With the bland offerings that the networks serve up, can you blame us? Two and a Half Men was very smartly written. I particularly enjoyed the one where Jake (the kid) is always forgotten and ends up in the rain as Ben Franklin. But now, innuendo has fallen by the wayside and the writers are being too blatant about the lives that Charlie and Alan lead. Enough. Don't watch it anymore. The New Adventures of Old Christine? Similar. I don't really care for Mrs. Brad Hall's acting. Her ex on the show? Same. The brother's character is quirky enough, and I adore the actress that plays New Christine, Emily Rutherfurd. She was on the sharp, but short lived Married to the Kellys. We gravitate to a few reliable standbys. Law & Order. "Did you fire me because I'm a ...?" Law & Order: Criminal Intent. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. We tried Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Angie likes it. I enjoy it. I could do with or without it. I've tried The Unit this year. I've only seen a few episodes. You knew that the kid that got recruited to BlackThorn wasn't going to be coming home soon. Formula and predictable. But it sort of fills in the gap that The Agency left. Sure, one has to suspend belief of reality, but isn't that one thing that TV programming is supposed to do?

For comedy, we've been leaning towards My Name is Earl, The Office and Scrubs. "Wait." you say. "Those shows are almost as blatant as Two and A Half Men." Possibly. I'm just telling it like it is. Run away from 30 Rock. We almost never watch shows live anymore. Tape it while the kids are getting ready for bed. Then we can save about 8-1/2 minutes per half hour of TV. And the kids don't need to be subjected to some of the situations being portrayed. Then again, I don't either.

Last night, with nothing on, Edison working on completing his Science Fair report, Angie working on DSAG and church stuff, I figured that I'd catch up on a few episodes of Buffalo Bill on DVD. Not a great show, but a very good one. I like Dabney Coleman. His fellow cast members are worth watching, too. Geena Davis, John Feidler (voice of Piglet, Mr. Peterson on The Bob Newhart Show) , Meshach Taylor (Anthony Bouvier on Designing Women), Joanna Cassidy (Margaret Chenowith on Six Feet Under), Charles Robinson (Mac Robinson on Night Court), and Max Wright. All solid actors.

The other night, while giving Caroline her night bottle, I put on Phil Keaggy's Philly Live DVD. She really like it, although I tried to go for the softer songs. Last night, before dinner, she pulled out the DVD case and said, "Fhilll?" I popped it in and was very pleased, both with her remembering who it was and with her choice in music.

There's more, I'm sure, that I could talk about, but this should do it for today. Tonight is a DSAG dinner and speaker. Angie's worked hard on pulling it together. I'm excited for Buddy's Bar-B-Q and a chance to hear Monica Franklin. Should be a good time. And then we can watch My Name is Earl, The Office, and CSI. Woohoo!


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