Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Clicking to Give

How many hours are used clicking around on the Web? Think about it. How often do I start to Google something, then that leads me to another thought, and another site? And another. And another. It truly is amazing the hours that one can spend on the Web. I do family and history research. I don't think that the clicks are wasted. My wife does digital scrapbooking. Those clicks aren't wasted. But many are. I know that I waste clicks.

So, to offset those wasted clicks, I'm going to challenge both of my faithful readers to Click to Give. Here are some sites that provide an opportunity to Give by Clicking:
I'm sure that there are many others out there and I might not have listed your favorite. Well, you blog about it. Click already.


Steve said...

Interesting - the first group uses a common template. I was almost surprised not to see a leftover page title that somebody missed from when they set up the prior site.

Now that's a good idea - click to support a priory. An abbey would do as well, I suppose.

Seriously, good post. Thanks for making a difference, and encouraging (enabling? naah) others to, as well.

Angie said...

I'm just gratified that you didn't scold me for all my paypal expenses on your blog.

I love you. You *ARE* making a difference.

p.s. Hi Steve!!!

Steve said...

Hi, Angie. We'll be seeing you for your 39th birthday, at the end of April.