Tuesday, April 10, 2007

can copy oem win95 Disk to DR:F (usb)???

Some spam is just too tasty to toss. This showed up at my work today. Read it slowly and softly. Let the gentle rhythm take you away to tranquil places. Then delete it.

Over the chilly dale.
Seen. What you know is only manifest
When I am heard, and what I say is solely
And off the white smoke swims
shortcake, waffles, berries and cream
Wheezing ravens, when
Dismal, endless plain?
No name, no meaning. Oh my friends,
Writhing their stunted limbs,
When Arctic winds crack down from Canada
By trees?or might see as the masonry
At these masses the snow hides from me.
Shadows keep piling up as surfaces
To run, as in the time of the bee, seeking
They move against, or through, or by, or toward.
This third day of our January thaw,
The form sought for centuries by
Stars, the last day, endless and centerless,
The winged winds, captives of that age-old foe


Mellykat said...

What are the chances that these spammers are from some foreign place and use a language translator that (very) loosely translates things into English?

Bizarro, I say.

Steve said...

Interesting. My version went like this:

and turn it into something cartoon-funny.
The flakes which have stolen onto the flagstones
Clear-voiced despite its years, strong, eloquent—
The ordinary, wide scene which begins
To mark that square, perhaps: were Mère and Père
Right, and appears from here to be overcome
So you can watch me watch uplifted snow
—The place the road ends, that patch of white paint
Life, or only joy, that stands out
Unreadable from behind—they are well down
Writhing their stunted limbs,
Dreaming time has reversed—and you,
Side of the painting, the world of that wise, white,
Dim, and die tonight?
In the dread circle hemmed by glaciers,
Merely a mockery of spring
Absurdly, my eyes can only see the arc
And I would like
When Arctic winds crack down from Canada

Same subject line for the email, though.

Mel, I think they're snarfing some real poetry. This is too good for machine translation.