Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The funniest people I know

We all like to laugh. Some of the people that make me laugh are Bob Newhart, David Letterman, Joel Hodgson, among others. But I don't know them. I like to watch or listen to them, but I don't know them.

So, who are the people that I do know that make me laugh? In no particular order ...
  1. Don White - accordionist / entertainer
  2. Doug White - Don's youngest son / piano tuning school friend / musician / tech geek
  3. Tim Berry - marketing bigwig for major theme park in the south
  4. Tim Mize - high school friend / dialysis technician
  5. Karl Allen - former co-worker / programmer
  6. Dan Marchant - high school friend and college roommate / programmer
These are all guys that have made me laugh. And still do. I think back on experiences that I've had with them, jokes they've told, things we've done together. Even though it has been almost thirty years since I met some of them, I still laugh.

Thanks for the fun.


Dan said...

Wow! I've never been the subject of a blog post before. Well, that I know of.

Dan said...

Oh, yeah, and thanks for the compliment. There's not much higher praise that I can think of than to say that I've made people laugh.

Angie said...

Hey Dan, at least he mentioned you. (sigh)

I think I make him laugh. . . or maybe that's drive him crazy. . . or . . .well, whatever.

*I love you, Mark.