Monday, June 25, 2007

Genealogy Humor and Animal Crackers

Yeah, that should catch your eye.

Years ago, I found a great parody piece of The Empire Strikes Back. The Modern Humorist site produced it. Very funny. And not edgy.

Warning ... some of the other humor at the Modern Humorist site is quite edgy (read: rude). I gave you fair warning.

And now to the Animal Crackers. Caroline (and Angie and I) have taken quite a liking to Stauffer's Animal Crackers. My aunt Shirley sent a container of the mini crackers. Caroline will say, "Baby Crackers, Baby Crackers!" We indulge her.


Steve said...

I'm speechless - except for this:

"See you at Thanksgiving, then!"

Julaine said...

I think the blue and red bears are disturbing. I have nothing to say about Star Wars -- except I don't think we're related... Have a nice day :-)