Thursday, June 21, 2007


Last post was a short trip down a very cluttered lane.

This one will be much (c)leaner, I promise.

This morning on the way to work, I heard some babbling radio psycho(therapist) discussing school lunch boxes. So I started to think about the lunch boxes that Steve and I used.

Mine was ...
Steve was much cooler. He had ...

We took them to Beekmantown Elementary School ...

That's all.


Steve said...

I'm thinking I had "Flipper" - the dolphin, not the pinball gizmo. And that looks like a newer picture of the school. They didn't have a covered entrance like that when we were there. Or trees (has it really been that long? 1971, I think. Wow.)

Angie said...

Yes, Steve. . .it *has* been that long.

. . .you're old. . .well, at least you're older than me! : )

with love, from your favorite sister-in-law

Steve said...

Hi, Angie.

Yes, we're geeks. No quibbles, no complaints.

I'm not sure I agree about that "old" thing - and I can't help it if you were born in the wrong decade.

And no comment on the "favorite sister-in-law" part - Bettie's brother is married. If you append "South of the Ohio river" then I'm with you 100%.

with love, from your favorite brother-in-law south of Columbus.

Angie said...


Steve, I knew that was coming. Thanks for taking the bait.