Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Doing her part for the Army Air Forces

My grandmother (my dad's mother) was doing her part to help America during WWII. She was an observer for the Army Air Forces. She'd spend hours scanning the skies in upstate New York, looking for enemy planes.

My parents spent the better part of the summer closing up her house. They found wonderful things: photos, books, toys, cookware and such that my grandmother used, loved and kept.

This entry is about one set of items that they found. It is her wings and a manual. The AWS on the wings stand for "Advanced Warning Service." I only scanned two pages from the manual, but all of them were so ripe. These pages are just a representation.

There was also a First Aid Manual that might end up as tomorrow's post.


Doug said...

That is some serious history. What a great facet your family's "being"

Steve said...

The parts I really enjoyed were (1) the order that the Air Raid Wardens should march wne they're in a parade, and (2) the fact that the books were mailable, with the return address and the notice of $300 fine for improper use printed on the back.

Thanks for documenting these.

Doug said...

I want more pages from that book!!