Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Scoop

I haven't posted an entry in a few weeks. Life has been busy. Sometimes a good busy, but busy.

Angie does such a good job keeping up with her blog, I often don't have much family type stuff to blog about. When an inspiration hits me, or I find some hook to use, I check her blog and find out that she's already written about it. Today, because she's busy with church things (special music practice, service order prep and then an informal dinner for the staff only), she won't have time to blog during the day. I'll scoop her.

This morning, at about 10:30am, we signed a contract for the sale of our house. A nice young couple had looked at it before, and then their circumstances were such that they made an offer on Friday. Things were inline, so we accepted. (There's a lot more legal mumbo-jumbo that went on, but that is the sum of it.)

So, in the coming weeks we'll close on the house that we lived in for 11 years. There were many good memories made in that house. And I hope that the young couple can make their own at the same address.

We're happy that it is in the final stages of the sale, and Angie and I both praise God for it happening. If you've been praying for it to happen, thank you.

So, I've got the scoop, I've got the contract, I've got a great wife.


Doug said...



Mellykat said...

Woohoo! Way to go Aubreys!

Way to scoop Angie on the wonderful news, Mark!

You DO have a great wife...tell her I miss her!

Melany :)

P.S. I got the Buddy Walk letter this week!

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That Chick Over There said...

I also think your wife is super!

Also? Congrats! :)