Monday, June 23, 2008

Catch Up

If your thought process is like mine when it comes to blogging, then I have pity on you.

I try to come up with a theme. Or something that might interest my readers. So, I concoct grandiose ideas, only to start to type them and realize that although a good idea, they fall rather flat when one reads both sentences.

So, I've abandoned that and figured I'd just start typing and see what comes out.

We were visited by friends of ours from the Chicago area this weekend. We used to attend church with Steve and Char. We went out to dinner with them Friday evening and then had them over to the house after church on Sunday. Steve and I looked at some of his Dutch ancestry and talked genealogy while Angie and Char talked of crafts and quilts and such things. I gave Steve a tour of KnoxVegas and we went to BestBuy and bought a GPS. Well, I bought the GPS. Then he and I went to Buddy's Bar-B-Q for dinner.

After they left, I played a bit with the GPS, finding voices that I liked and got interested in the possibilities of adding my own Points of Interest set. And no, I didn't pay full MSRP for the unit.

Mom sent me a great story about a switch pitcher in the minor leagues. There's also a CBS produced YouTube video about him. Not from that news story, but just about him.

So there. Not a stellar post, but it caught you up on what has been happening. What more could you ask for? A mojito? Sorry, I don't have one. But if I did drink, this one looks good.


Doug said...


A general "catch up" post...

I like it!

Steve and Char - Been Years!
GPS - love em
Mojitos - Hate em, IF you drank, I'd make you find a different one.

I like this post, I often wonder what a Mark does during his days.

Angie said...

The only reason that you're curious about a mojito is because of your tee-totaling wife who keeps talking about them. . and Rachael Ray. . .and Paula Deen.

...You look more like a Sea Breeze kinda guy to me. I'm just saying. . .

Angie said...

Okay, the weird part? I didn't know that you had linked to a Rachael Ray mojito.

Totally weird. Like we've been married 18 years, or something.