Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

It was a good one. Busy, but good. After church, I took Edison and 3 of his buddies to church camp. I was fortunate to have Pete C. travel with me as navigator and chatting buddy. Then, off to the in-laws for tasty (as usual) meal. Much talking and harmonica playing (by Jim). Then home and a quick call to my dad, with Caroline wishing him a Happy Father's Day. He heard it as "Happy Birthday." I had to cut the call short, as it was past bedtime for the wee one. I called him back later and we spent the better part of a half an hour reminiscing about family vacations when I was younger. Visiting Ottawa and the Parliament there. Detouring through Boston on the way to Maine in August of '68. We went to see the Red Sox play. We can't pin the exact date down, but it was the Yastrzemski era.

Thanks again, Dad. For everything.

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George said...

Last night's response didn't go through for whatever reason. It spoke of the pleasant remembrances of those 'happy trails' of yesteryear. Thank you for the memory.