Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tell me a story

Caroline's bedtime routine is rather set. Potty time while the bath runs. Then the bath, pajamas, hair drying and teeth brushing. Sometimes reading, sometimes a bit of silliness. Then kisses and hugs. Climbing under the covers of her big-girl bed and a round of singing songs.

Tonight, as I asked her which songs she wanted to sing she said, "Tell me a story."

So, I told her a story of a little girl who went to a wedding with her daddy. She saw her mommy playing piano and the bride wearing a pretty dress. When a lady sang a song, the little girl and her daddy danced in the foyer. They went round and round with her head on his shoulders.

When the wedding was over, they went to the reception where the little girl ate strawberries, grapes, chips, crackers, M&Ms, cheese and bread. She smiled and laughed. Everybody had fun.

"That's Caroline," she said.

It was. It was a good day.


Nana said...

I bet she will ask for more stories. I would!

Angie said...

Yeah, and I blogged about this very story myself. Good memory. Very good memory.

Steve said...

Neat. Really, really cool.