Tuesday, November 09, 2010

100 Largest Libraries in America

I read this on the Curled Up With A Book blog.

Today's quiz is to see which of these libraries I've been to.  Two in the top 10.  A couple of others.  I've been on the campus of several of the institutions, but not their libraries.

via the TravelInsurance Blog


Anonymous said...

I'd say #6 and #10. Of course, I have some inside information.

Mark said...

Actually, #2 and #7. The others will be revealed later.

Anonymous said...

I R officially confused. You went to #10 a few years ago, when you were in town. Or is my reality the one that's messed up?

Mark said...

Okay, I was fibbing. Actually I think that I got confused.

#2 and #10. And #17.

I've used the services of others, but only visited those.

Sorry for any unrest that I might have caused.

Anonymous said...

I'll put my reality check away - didn't have to use it this time.

And not a problem with this. I have been able to sleep surprisingly well.