Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Royal Savage Inn - Thanksgiving, 1935

Plattsburgh Daily Press - November 25, 1935

Plattsburgh Daily Press - November 27, 1935
The earliest reference that I found for the Royal Savage Inn was from the classified section of the Plattsburgh Daily Press, 1930.


Anonymous said...

When I get my time machine, I know one of the first places/times I'm going to visit.

That meal looks fantastic - and all for a dollar. Checking inflation since then, we could get that meal for under $16 today - not a bad deal.

I'm also guessing that the Daily Press was folded into the Press-Republican at some time in the past.

6 Margaret Street is in the same block as Arnie's Restaurant, where we have enjoyed pizza with friends.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to dial 10-J on my cell phone to make a reservation.

I like the international flavor - Russian canapé, Vermont turkey (foreign, if not international), Irish potatoes.

It would be great just smelling and seeing these plates, even before eating the food. And afterwards - well, if I didn't bust, it would be hibernation time.

Thanks for this. Nice memories.

Barbara Benjamin said...

Too bad but the Royal Savage Inn closed in 2002 after a very long run as a family restaurant and banquet facility. My husband Don and I ran it for 30 years and just published a book entitled "Remembering the Royal Savage Inn" with bits from many of our former employees. If you enjoyed anything about the Inn, you might enjoy reading this. You can contact us for a copy.