Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Day of Beauty

Saturday morning, I took Caroline about 30 miles away, to Karns Middle School, to be a part of A Day of Beauty. Miss Knoxville's Outstanding Teen 2008, Danyelle Trent, hosted the event, where young women with physical and mental disabilities could have their hair fixed up and receive manicures.

Knowing that Caroline wouldn't want to sit and have her hair braided or foofed up, I opted for the fingernails. It took her a moment or two, but she warmed up to one of the manicurists from Tennessee School of Beauty. A clear, top coat was quickly applied and Caroline proudly showed off her painted nails to any that would ask.

There was dancing and door prizes and all the attendees left with a small gift bag. We then went out to Chik-fil-A for "chicken and frie fries." A quick stop at the bookstore and we headed home.

Danyelle and Caroline


Danyelle Trent said...

I love this picture! Thank you so much for bringing Caroline to "A Day of Beauty"!

Nana said...

The little princess needed her crown!! Delightful photo!