Monday, February 26, 2007

Dr. Frank H. O'Connor's baseball statistics

I guess he wasn't a doctor then. Surfing over to I find that Frank O'Connor was a good batter and a lousy pitcher. He had a very short career. He debuted on August 3, 1893 and left the league on August 7. Thursday to Monday. He played 3 games for the Philadelphia Phillies.

Picked up a Save. That Save allowed him to be a Team Leader (with John "Brewery Jack" Taylor) in that category. Saves apparently didn't count for much when you had an ERA of 11.25 with just 4 innings of pitching. The team's ERA for the whole year was 4.68. The league's ERA was 4.57. He wasn't very good. The one game that he did start was against the Washington Senators. The Phillies won, 22-7.

But, he could hit. He had 2 At Bats. He got 2 hits. That gives him a perfect 1.000 Batting Average. One of the hits was a Home Run. That gives him a Slugging Percentage of 2.500. Impressive for someone, who I assume, didn't use steroids.

He was a bit of an anomaly. But aren't we all?

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Steve said...

Not like that, we aren't!!