Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Less TV equals More TV

We gave up watching some TV shows because they were lousy. Bad writing, bad acting, bad language. Didn't need them. Still don't. Don't miss them, either.

So, we went out and upgraded our cable from Basic to Expanded, with a Digital Package. What?

Angie noticed that from early June until sometime in the fall or so, NASCAR would not be on regular broadcast TV. Those moneygrubbing NASCAR guys.

Our local cable system had a deal where you could upgrade to the next tier for a very small monthly fee. Looking at our budget, we decided to 'treat' ourselves to the wonders of Expanded Cable.

We've already locked out a few channels. MTV, Bravo, SoapNetwork. Stuff like that. Also some of the uncensored digital music channels. I'm not crazy about having to listen to garbage rap, even when I'm just surfing by it.

So now we have over a hundred channels. We can still only watch one at a time. I've taken a liking to the SPEED channel (PINKS, FORZA Motorsport Showdown) and the Food channel. I thought that I'd be glued to the History channel and Discovery, but I'm still balancing out time. I don't really need to watch a documentary on the Medici brothers, do I? (I did, though. Fell asleep. Bill Curtis has such a soothing voice.)

I've been getting to bed at a decent hour (I can always use more sleep) and I turned off the TV at about 10:20 last night (mostly because Edison was complaining that it was too loud and he couldn't sleep. I used the same technique when I was his age.)

Maybe More TV equals Less TV. I seem to be reading more (that's another blog entry).

Maybe the real reason we got the Expanded Cable was to watch Mike & Mike in the Mornings on ESPN2.

I really do have a good life.


Angie said...

I'm just glad you didn't take an opportunity to regale your readers with the endless number of Law & Order episodes, as well as CSI re-runs that your wife (ahem) has been watching.

Now, where's that remote? I think "Clean House" is due on any minute now!

Mark Aubrey said...

No, that would be your opportunity to regale. Have fun with your 'Clean House.' Thanks for watching 'Forza Motorsport Showdown' with me last night.


Angie said...

Is this what they mean by having "conversations" by way of blogs?


love you, too.

Steve said...

You guys go have your "conversation" elsewhere -- I'm envious of the Speed Channel. There aren't any rally shows on any of the ESPN flavors I get now, and that's just not fair. Somehow.