Friday, February 09, 2007

A letter to ESPN radio

This is an email that I just sent to ESPN Radio about one of their on air personalities...
I'm a casual listener of sports radio. I enjoy the personalities on ESPN Radio, but today Doug Gottleib said something that was offensive to me.

He was a guest on The Herd (at about 12:30pm EST) and they were discussing that the public was stupid if they thought that Steve Nash was over-rated. A very entertaining bit with circus music underneath the callers.

Then Doug said that people with that opinion were "stupid. Short bus stupid."

My daughter has Down syndrome and in a few months will begin riding a special needs vehicle to take her to public school.

I find Doug's remarks, although not directed at me or my daughter, to be lacking respect and compassion and totally void of any level of professionalism.

I found it very ironic that in less than an hour, Doug (discussing the Amaechi self-outing book) said, "Is it so hard to say the right thing?"

Apparently for Doug Gottlieb it is.

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Christy said...

Good for you, Mark! I found your blog through your lovely wife, Angie's. I'm enjoying reading through & getting the "man's eye view" of things. If I could only convince my hubby to blog!!
Anyway - good for you for writing your letter. We DS parents have to stick together & school those dullards about how cool our kids are, eh?