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Three Thrilling Days

Woman's Home Companion - December, 1913

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Ads from December 1913

Woman's Home Companion - December, 1913

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Woman's Home Companion - December, 1913

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The Fashion Department

Woman's Home Companion - December, 1913

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Mini Interview With Author Jonathan Allen

I first came to know Jonathan Allen about two years ago.  I sent him some Montreal Expos baseball cards. We became casual acquaintances.  Facebook friends.  Tossing witticisms and encouragement at each other.  Well, now he's a published author.  Several weeks ago I read his novella / short story / I don't know what to call it.  Well, the title is The Kayson Cycle.  A very good read.  You can pick it up at or at Barnes & Noble.

His latest work is The Corridors of the Dead.  I haven't actually started to read it, but I look forward to cracking it open on my Kindle.

I was able to pry a few minutes of Jonathan's time from a very busy and hectic publishing day to coerce him into a mini interview.  The parameters were I could only ask three questions and his answers could be no longer than 10 words long.  I was trying to be sensitive to his time.  So, here we go.

Q: What inspires your writing?
A: Displays of raw creativity in all forms of media.

Q: Do you set aside time each day to write or have a routine?
A: Yes, I have a daily goal of 2,000 words.

Q: What is your favorite childhood book memory? Either from your childhood or an actual book for children.
A: The Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King. It changed my life.

If you're good with math you'll notice that he used 12 words in that last answer.  His reasoning? "it's tough when you have two authors for a book."

I think that Jonathan has a future as a writer.  A writer needs to deal with editors, so I'll step in and help him with his answer to the third question.

A: The Talisman by Peter Straub and Stephen King. It changed my life.

We're down to 10 words.  See, it wasn't that hard.

Jonathan and I have set up a real interview in the coming weeks.  Until then you can learn more about him at his website,  Or just go out and buy the The Corridors of the Dead at or Barnes & Noble.