Saturday, August 09, 2014

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It was time to pull all of my blogs together.  You know, a one stop shop for all things Mark.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

30 or so years

About 30 years ago I met Mark Cramer at the Perkins School of Piano Tuning and Technology in Elyria, Ohio.

He flew into Knoxville to tend to some piano business.  We met for dinner and spent hours talking and catching up.  We could have spent many more.

Twin sons from different mothers?

Since his lovely wife, Cheryl, didn't join him on this trip, he was Caroline's date.

If you squint really hard and use a lot of imagination you'll see a photo of Edison on Angie's phone.

Thanks, Mark, for taking the time to look me up and suggesting we get together.  We shouldn't have waited 30 years to do this.

If you need a piano tuned, I'd highly recommend contacting Mark at Note: This service is primarily for potential clients in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ralph G. Ringey

Ralph G. Ringey is my first cousin, twice removed. I never met him because he died 17 years before I was born. He enlisted and served in the Air Corp.  He died in action in Italy.  Here are some newspaper articles and documents that give a bit of a look into his young life.

In 1940 we find Ralph living with his folks in Pittsfield, Mass.  He's a student.
1940 Pittsfield, Massachusetts City Directory

War has come and he enlists.

Then he weds.
Springfield Republican - February 15, 1944
Typical news story of the time.  Local boy makes good.

Berkshire Evening Eagle - June 16, 1944

This story ran three days after Ralph died.

Berkshire Evening Eagle - October 20, 1944

Springfield Republican - November 1, 1944

Plattsburgh Press-Republican - November 7, 1944

In the following article I have not included the names of all 60 War Dead, just the group of names that includes Ralph.
Boston Herald - August 24, 1948

Berkshire Evening Eagle - September 17, 1948


Thursday, June 05, 2014

Too Much Flapper - the wrap

Jack Neely wrote a great article in the MetroPulse last week, taunting the readers with a whodunnit.  Jack doesn't leave his readers hanging for too long.  He's published part 2 of the story of Pinkie Lee Koehn.

Here's the article that tells the tale of the return to her family.

The Bee - Danville, Virginia
November 9, 1928

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Too Much Flapper - supporting articles

Jack Neely wrote a great article in the MetroPulse, taunting the readers with a whodunnit.

I took the challenge and sought out the rest of the story.  Young Pinkie Lee Koehn disappeared from Knoxville after filming the movie, Too Much Flapper in 1928.  Newspapers were alerted and the manhunt was on.
Times Picayune - New Orleans, Louisiana
September 1, 1928

Star Times Advocate - Baton Rouge, Louisiana
October 31, 1928
Let's see how Jack writes this up next week.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Downton Abbey lines from S4, E6

Top lines that the writers should have used on last night’s Downton Abbey...

Mary to Cora: Where is Papa going?
Cora: To America, dear. To make “The Monuments Men”.
Mary: What’s that?
Cora: A talkie, dear.
Mary: Oh.

Edith to Cora: Oh, mama, I’m bad...
Cora: No, dear, you’re not bad.
Edith: You didn't let me finish. I mean my acting.
Cora: Yes, dear.

The Dowager Countess to Isobel: I've forgotten how much fun it is to play cards.
Isobel: Quite.
The Dowager Countess: More fun if we down a shot of sherry every time Dr. Clarkson rolled his eyes.

Mary: Here piggy, piggy. Soowee! Pig pig pig.

The Dowager Countess: What is this shark thing and why are attempting to jump it?