Friday, November 21, 2008

A Thrilling Christmas

A few weeks ago were were in Sevierville for a wedding rehearsal. Angie was at the church and I took the kids down to the rehearsal dinner. We got there when we were supposed to, but got a call from Angie that things were taking a bit longer than planned. No problem, I tell myself. Sevierville is town full of fun things to do on a Friday night when both kids are hungry. So we went to the "As Seen on TV" store.

They've got a bunch of crap that you actually have seen on TV. And more. They had racks and bins of 99 cent DVDs. Being a sucker for them (as is my brother), I perused the racks and found 3 Christmas DVDs. One of them, A Thrilling Christmas, isn't so thrilling.

It had three episodes of TV shows from the '50s.
Over the next week I watched them, even forcing Angie to join me on one. We watched the Crossroads episode (The Wreath) first. Not very thrilling. I fell asleep.

Then I watched the Robin Hood episode (The Christmas Goose). Whiny kid is collecting holly on the new lord's land. His pet goose attacks the lord. The lord has the goose arrested and brought to trial. The kid whines so much you want Robin to put him out of your misery. A priest takes the goose's side and every one is happy by the end of the show.

The Annie Oakley episode (Santa Claus Wears a Gun) was much more thrilling. Shootouts and guns. And Santa Claus. A robbery and con job.

The transfer was very clean. The sound was good. Menu was, well, a menu. No great features.

Not very thrilling.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a long strange trip it's been...

It has been almost two weeks since I've blogged. Some notable things have happened during that time. Let's see. Sickness swept through the house. My folks showed up just in time to help with taking care of us. The fridge died and we got a new one. Edison turned fourteen. And got some cool birthday presents. I found and purchased Van Morrison's A Night in San Francisco double CD on ebay. And am falling in love with it. Caroline has some new books. And she loves them. Angie and I went and saw the movie Fireproof. And I love her. I filled up the van's gas tank for $1.709 per gallon. The first snow of the season fell. And through all of the busyness of this time, I am reminded of Paul's writings about about our Father...
God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Tell me a story

Caroline's bedtime routine is rather set. Potty time while the bath runs. Then the bath, pajamas, hair drying and teeth brushing. Sometimes reading, sometimes a bit of silliness. Then kisses and hugs. Climbing under the covers of her big-girl bed and a round of singing songs.

Tonight, as I asked her which songs she wanted to sing she said, "Tell me a story."

So, I told her a story of a little girl who went to a wedding with her daddy. She saw her mommy playing piano and the bride wearing a pretty dress. When a lady sang a song, the little girl and her daddy danced in the foyer. They went round and round with her head on his shoulders.

When the wedding was over, they went to the reception where the little girl ate strawberries, grapes, chips, crackers, M&Ms, cheese and bread. She smiled and laughed. Everybody had fun.

"That's Caroline," she said.

It was. It was a good day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What's in a name ?

Guitar Hero World Tour has a Rock Name Generator. It asks you your name, your game persona, your favorite band and the instrument you play in the game. You may now call me Goran Earwarper.

Monday, November 03, 2008

What I do in my spare time...


What? More blogs?

Yes, self promotion time. I've started two other blogs. Actually, I started one of them some time ago, in March of this year. It can be found at North Country Baseball and the subject is 19th century baseball in and around Clinton Co, NY. Transcriptions of local newspaper accounts of the national game.

The other I created yesterday to look back at the movie advertisements of yesteryear. It is called At the Strand. The Strand was a movie theater in Plattsburgh, NY.

Not much talk, just the ads and some links to the movies.

And sleep. I wish.