Sunday, April 06, 2008


Bookman's is a used book/music/game/magazine/jewelry/dvd/etc store in Tucson (and other locations in Arizona). I went to the Speedway store during my visit.

It is mostly known as a bookstore. Well, I think of it as a bookstore. They have mostly books...

and magazines...

and some kids books. Lots of kids books and places to sit...

and more places to sit...

Where else can you get some Luther and Billy side by side?

This is the listening pod room. I didn't approach too closely. Pod people.

Well, there's books. Books galore. I didn't hang out in the romance or biography section, so I can't tell you how those are. But I did peruse the Science Fiction and Mystery areas, as well as the Sports and Misc. sections. A nice collection and variety. All of the copies of books were very clean. No mashed up, covers torn copies here.

Plenty of room to move around, good service people, maps and BIG signs.

I didn't look too much in the music section. Edison 'complained' that he couldn't find any Beatles LPs. I tried to explain to him that most of their LPs came out in the 1960s and probably wouldn't be in the open bins at Booksmans. I don't think he quite understood it, but hey, at least he knows what LPs are.

They have a nice selection of magazines. Some rather obscure titles and a boatload of Arizona Highways. Always nice to see.

Music is always playing over the loudspeakers. I guess an employee decides what to play. Some of it I found not to be "Let's get the customers to relax and buy books" music. Even one of the employees I talked to thought the same thing.

The other employees I talked to, actually talked back. Some other bookstores I've been to (no, I won't name names), the employees seem to treat you like you are a nuisance and not the customer that would make the biggest purchase of the day. Bookman's' employees didn't quite go that far, but at least they engaged me in conversation. That means a lot to me.

I'm not sure of their trade-in policy, but I do know that Thursdays is Senior Citizen discount day.
Next time I'm in Tucson, I'll go back.

I'd like to thank the day supervisor (Chris, was it?) for giving me permission to take some photos. And the night supervisor for asking me why I was taking photos and then being cool when I described the day supervisor.

And I'd like to thank Boyd, a knitted interpretation of Cthulhu for its recommendations.

Go visit them just for that. It is worth it.


George said...

What he said. It's good and it's good for you.

Steve said...

Neat store. Better than McKay's, or just different?

I wish $HOMETOWN had a good used book store. We have Half-Price Books, but that's rather generic.

Doug said...

Looks like a cool store but the sound of bubbles coming from your page makes me think it's underwater...