Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is there an Astral Mystic in the house?

This is from the Plattsburgh Daily Press, 1941. Clyde Aubrey is my grand-uncle. I'm trying to figure out if I have "the gift."


Steve said...

Sorta scary that he couldn't spell "Australian" right . . .

George said...

A clarified reading of this ad would show Clyde Mystic acting as an agent for a sister or cousin Astral Mystic, perhaps in Mystic, CT - on Champlain Street. The readings mentioned are quite likely stories or other materials for shut-ins or those not yet literate. Sounds like gracious community service and a minimum fee for expenses. Don't you agree?

Doug said...

you have the gift of growing facial hair...

market THAT!

Angie said...

Uh. . . the "gift"? I don't think so. But you can try guessing what gift I want for my birthday. And NO, it's NOT what I mentioned in my blog. (That's for other people who may be wondering. . . )

I've alluded to this gift before. . . are you getting a picture? Think about a friend who gave his wife something similar in recent years. . . . there is travel involved, although not far. . . and solitude.

Getting an image, oh great descendant of a mystic?

Dan said...

This is just dying for a good limerick, but I'll give you one of mine, instead:

Genealogist Mark went ballistic:
His granduncle Clyde was a mystic!
Does Mark have the gift?
He thought it might shift
From generation to generation but if it had he would have already known that this last line doesn't really fit.

Steve said...

Dan's limericks often surprise us
There's lots of news to apprise us
And sometimes the scan
Takes a whack from a pan
So even though the last line may contain way too many syllables compated to the standard (normal) limerick, that's what happens when there's nobody around to supervise us.

Doug said...

wow...that almost hurt.

(but a good hurt)